Johnson Kitto


Johnson has been in legal practice for 25 years, and in partnership with his brother Grantham, manages Kitto and Kitto, an established Perth general litigation firm.

Johnson appears in criminal, civil, family and administrative contested matters, in all West Australian courts, including the Court of Appeal, Royal Commissions, Coronial Inquests, the State Administrative Tribunal; and in times past in the High and Federal Courts. He has sat on a number of regulatory tribunals and boards, including:
• the Legal Aid review panel
• the Police Commissioner’s Core Services Advisory Group;
• the Australian Respiratory Health Institute.
• Australian Broadcasting Commission Advisory Panel

He is a passionate participant in the Collaborative Lawyer movement, which promotes non-adversarial solutions to family and civil legal disputes.

Johnson is best known outside the profession as the co-host of “The Morning Programme – Law Talk” on statewide ABC Radio, where for 12 years he has tried to demystify the law and assist people with common legal queries. He is a recognised legal affairs commentator, appearing on commercial and public TV and radio, and is consulted for general opinion in WA and national print media. He is a regular public speaker for Not for Profit civic groups.

Outside law, Johnson is a qualified welder, an assessor for the WA Skippers Ticket licence, and he holds national qualifications in civil aviation, commercial marine operations, and teaching.