Family Law

The breakdown of a relationship can be a challenging and an exhausting process. It can be made even more problematic when there are children involved in the relationship that must continue to be cared for while the parties separate and the financial assets divided.
The family lawyers at Kitto and Kitto have over 25 years’ experience in advising and representing clients in family law disputes. Kitto and Kitto’s family lawyers have acted in a wide range of disputes ranging from large asset pools with multiple children to small asset pools with no children (and everything in-between). This exposure gives Kitto and Kitto’s family lawyers a unique understanding of the different perspectives and situations that people face when traversing through the family law landscape.
The Family lawyers at Kitto and Kitto offer advice and representation in the following family law matters:

• Property and financial settlement.
• Child custody.
• Divorce and separation.
• De-facto property and custody matters.
• Family law mediation.
• Collaborative law process.

Kitto and Kitto Lawyers are wary that court representation can be one the most expensive parts of the family court process. Kitto and Kitto Lawyers believe that court representation should be available to everyone that truly needs it, not only for those who can afford it. We therefore strive to offer our comprehensive court representation services at a reasonable cost. For more information please call Kitto and Kitto Lawyers on 9322 6644.