Kitto & Kitto Barristers and Solicitors are a firm of solicitors, conveyancers, and settlement agents who efficiently handle both residential and commercial property settlements within Western Australia. Our team have 20+ years of experience with property settlements and conveyancing.

Kitto & Kitto are located in the Perth CBD in close proximity to Landgate, Office of State Revenue, and consequently can attend property settlements promptly. Our Solicitors attend their own property settlements, we do not use outside clerks or other agencies, so that we can ensure that your property settlement goes through correctly, on time, first time.

Kitto & Kitto are a firm of solicitors, so should your property settlement turn problematic and require legal advice, a default notice to be issued, or legal proceedings commenced, we can immediately transfer our file to our experienced legal litigation team, which means there will be no delays, no need to look for a solicitor, or any double up of costs.

Here at Kitto & Kitto Barristers and Solicitors, we provide a comprehensive range of real estate transactions and conveyancing services to our clients across Western Australia, including:

• Residential property settlements
• Commercial property settlements
• Industrial Property Settlements
• Vacant Land Settlements
• Private Sales
• Sub-Divisional Applications
• Survey-Strata Plans
• Family and Related Party Transfers
• Change of Name on Certificate of Title
• Deceased Estate Transfers
• Certificate of Title Searches
• Company Searches