Commercial Law

The Commercial and Corporate lawyers at Kitto & Kitto advise and represent companies and businesses in all aspects of their legal needs. From drafting agreements and negotiating terms we clearly explain every aspect of the commercial agreement or transaction.

Kitto & Kitto Barristers and Solicitors have extensive experience in all areas of corporate, commercial and business law. Our commercial lawyers have 20 + years of experience advising and representing the corporate interests of businesses across Western Australia. Our solicitors provide practical advice and representation to our corporate and commercial clients in the following business dealings:

• Company and business acquisition and sales, including due diligence
• Corporations law and corporate governance
• Contract Law
• Company structuring and restructuring
• Business terms and conditions of sale
• Partnerships and joint ventures
• Business succession planning
• Real Estate and property law
• Stamp duties and tax
• Trusts
• Supply, manufacturing, agency, licensing and distribution contracts
• Information and communication technology
• Trade practices and fair trading
• Franchising
• Privacy
• Charity

Our Commercial and Corporate lawyers can assist in the preparation of documents, during negotiations, and representing you in court. Our corporate solicitors provide affordable legal services and are up to date on the latest developments in commercial, business and corporate law.